SLAP 2020

Social Live Art Performance

 Event Schedule

Tea and Tolerance
4pm - 7pm
YTR Cafe

I am Mixed 
3pm - 4pm 
5pm - 6pm 
YTR Meeting Room

Binaural dinner date 
3pm - 4pm 
4:30 - 5:30 
6pm - 7pm
YTR Front Cafe

Canapé art 
5pm - 5:45pm -  Foyer / outside 
6pm - 6:45pm -  Foyer 
8pm - 8:45pm -  De Grey 

Messy Eaters 
7pm - 8pm
YTR Studio

8pm - Midnight
De Grey Rooms


Footage from SLAP Festival 2019 filmed and edited by Ed Sunman


‘The annual experimental showcase serves up a strange, compelling programme of dance, performance and live art’ - The Guardian

Artist Feedback:

Very supportive and artist centred approach. Great audiences and a really interesting program of work and activities. Very supported. Both from you both as directors of the festival and form the tech and front of house team at York Theatre Royal.  Amazing work! - Jospeh Mercier SLAP 2019

The most positive part of SLAP was the fact that artists came to see each others' work. Often in festivals, the schedule is such that this is not encouraged or permitted due to scheduling, but SLAP's mutually supportive community really emphasised the importance of attending each others' work. This platform has allowed me to try out my new lighting design for Ballad of Isosceles and also allowed me to be reviewed in the Guardian alongside other great pieces from the festival. It helped me think more about what it means to show small-capacity work to new audiences, and the effect this work can have on new audience demographics. I felt supported by the SLAP team in my vision, the scale of my piece, and the way in which I was hosted and welcomed across all events. Thank you! - Ali Matthews SLAP 2019

SLAP has given us an opportunity to show our work among some great artists, SLAP have a good reputation for programming exciting, strong work and that has given us confidence as well as fantastic connections. Being part of the Guardian review and having our picture used for the article is very beneficial for our profile! We felt very inspired by the other work that we saw, the immersive nature of it - living and breathing performance work for the duration of the festival - has given us loads of nourishment. Travel and accommodation booked, regular contact, questions answered efficiently, everything provided that we needed, being collected and taken to where we needed to be... just great, we felt very confident that the team were there to support us in anything we needed  Well done on an amazing festival! We hope to work with you again in various ways! - Tamar&Jo SLAP 2019

Audience Feedback on SLAP 2019:

  • Loved how the shows had true life experience, I will always support SLAP Festival!

  • Amazing performers creative full of energy funny and thought provoking.

  • Well crafted visually engaging surprising and witty. The performances are just the right length.

  • Surreal ethereal beautiful tender. Just right for our time. Lovely mix of song and choreography good energy nurturing staff at every point of the experience.

  • Mesmerising day that brought out every emotion. Brilliant energetic and sensitive performances. 

  • Extremely dynamic yet thought-provoking evening which had the audience both laughing out loud and on the verge of tears in equal measures.